Get an Instant Personal Loan within Minutes

To apply our instant loan, you have to submit an application online or through SMS. Our Personal loans can be quickly approved in just about 20 minutes.

Since CYS Credit is a legal money lender in Singapore, we will also require you to bring necessary documentation and complete paperwork at our office and get your instant loan on the spot.

Flexible Instalment Plans

As a reputable licensed money lender, we offer flexible terms when you are applying for loans. We provide options to choose from regular and fixed instalments. We make sure your loans are customised according to your needs.

Fast Cash to Foreigners

Even when you’re not a resident of Singapore, you can still get an instant foreigner loan from CYS Credit without any problems. You just need to submit a loan application indicating that you’re a foreigner.

Hear from our Satisfied Customers

  • I got into difficulty paying back my loan and they have been nothing but helpful. I’m now on payment plan and I don’t get nagging phone calls. CYS has been nothing but understanding and polite.
  • I found the service excellent and the staff very helpful, especially Jane who was a very pleasant lady to deal with. They totally understand and it is such an easy service to use. I honestly recommend CYS.
    Mr Faizal, 36
  • I was worried about not being able pay back the amount I owe in full. Jane helped me once my funds are available the next week. What a relief!
    Mdm Chong
  • Fantastic company, been getting loans for over a year with them. Never had problem. I get a text message every month the day before my loan is due which is a brilliant idea because people do forget! They do not hope you will be late and charge you late fees!
    Micheal, 30

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